Why It Seems All Leaders Are Corrupt

Andrew Vibez
5 min readAug 18, 2022


Greetings beloved being of love and light. Are you sick of seeing so many corrupt leaders? Why do all these leaders seem so corrupt? And is there a way to stop all this corruption?

Firstly, let us talk about why people become leaders in the first place. The need for leadership arises out of people’s laziness. Instead of people taking full responsibility over their own lives, they want someone else to take charge of their life and tell them what to do and what not to do. This is so that people have someone to blame when they are not happy. Everyone’s ego always wants to feel like a victim. When you take full responsibility of your own life, you realise that all your unhappiness has been caused by your identification with your ego. This then empowers you to fix the issue by gradually disassociating from your ego so that you can discover true, permanent inner happiness. But the ego doesn’t want you to find out that it is an illusion, and it certainly doesn’t want you to disassociate from it, so, of course, it prefers you to not take responsibility over your own life and blame other things or people outside of yourself for your unhappiness.

Therefore, leadership positions are created. In our so-called democratic society, people must apply to be a leader, and then if enough people like them, they are appointed as leader. This may be in government, schools and universities, religions, companies, even sports teams. But think about what types of people apply to be leaders. These must be people who are hungry for power. These must be people who want power over others. It cannot be anyone else. Those who do not want power over others would never apply to be a leader. Only egos are hungry for power, and so only those heavily associated with their egos will apply for leadership positions. Some leaders may seem like they are humble and not power hungry, but they are just very good at hiding it. They may tell you that they apply for leadership positions because they want to bring positive changes to society. But to bring about changes in this way, one must enforce rules, and to enforce these rules requires you to have a degree of power over others.

But the power that leaders have comes from all their followers. Followers give their power away to leaders because they are lazy and prefer to just be told what to do. This allows them to continue to be asleep as all they need to do is just follow orders. To be fully responsible for your own life, you must be fully awake and aware. The power someone has over you is exactly equivalent to the power you give them. No one can have power over you unless you allow them to have power over you. Since it is egos that give their power away to leaders, and it is egos that are hungry for power, you end up with a society where egos lead other egos, the blind leads the blind. Of course, with egos in powerful positions, there is going to be much corruption. Bribery, greed, sexual scandals, torture, dictatorship, lies, selfishness. And this has been going on for centuries. But this is what we all collectively asked for. What did we expect would happen? How long are we going to keep this charade going?

Egos want to feel powerful, yet they also want to feel like a victim at the same time — see the stupidity? Every person’s ego wants power over another. You can even see this between parents and their children, pet owners and their pets, between romantic partners, between colleagues or friends. Even religious leaders want power over their flock. Every ego wants to feel powerful in some way. However, your ego also gives at least some power way to something or someone else so that when you are unhappy, there is always someone else to blame. What is this nonsense? When are we collectively all going to say ENOUGH and take full responsibility over own lives, while also allowing other people to live their lives without our interference?

Even many spiritual teachers eventually become corrupt. They may have been able to get their ego out the way enough to allow the Divine to come through and help others for some time, but then many people give so much of their power away to these teachers because they put them on a pedestal, and all this power tempts the teacher’s ego to return and take charge once again. Spiritual teachers are humans, and no one’s ego ever fully goes away. Unless the spiritual teacher is fully aware of their ego at all times, they will eventually become corrupt. It may seem like spiritual teachers do miraculous things such as healing many people, but all healing is self-healing. One is only healed because they believed the spiritual teacher has healed them. But in actual fact, they have just healed themselves with the power of their own mind. But they have projected this power away from their own mind and onto the spiritual teacher. This then makes the spiritual teacher’s ego feel extremely powerful and that they can get away with many things.

True, enlightened leaders do not want power over you; they encourage you to take full responsibility over your own life. True leaders encourage you to be awake, not lazy. True leaders encourage you to have self-respect and love yourself enough to not give your power away. True leaders want you to have nothing but total freedom. True leaders encourage you to heal and help yourself rather than claiming to be the only ones that can help you. True leaders offer guidance when asked, but they never enforce anything upon you. True leaders always encourage you to consult your inner guidance as your ultimate guide. True leaders never apply to be a leader; they are asked to lead by everyone else, and they humbly accept the position while ensuring that they are always seen as equal with everyone else.

But most of society seems to not really want freedom because who can we blame for our unhappiness then? How can we remain as victims? If you want all this corruption to stop, you must reclaim all your power back — yes, YOU. We are all collectively responsible for all this corruption. True radical change does not start from leaders. True change starts from within each and every one of us. By taking full responsibility over our own lives and not giving our power away to anyone, not even spiritual teachers, we can make the changes necessary to our own lives. You do not need to wait for some leader to change your life for you. No one can give you happiness; true happiness can only be discovered within yourself when you look beyond your ego. The more you look outside of yourself for solutions, the further you are from seeing the solutions that have been within you this whole time. Realise that you have the power to create the life you want. You are the Divine. You are the Creator. You are the One. Are you going to continue keeping this power dormant and expecting others to create for you the life that you want, or are you going to now respect yourself enough and take full responsibility over your own life?

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