The Biggest Block To One’s Spiritual Awakening

Today I want to talk about the biggest block to your spiritually awakening, and that is ignorance or laziness. In Christianity, this is deemed as one of the seven deadly sins. But this does not refer to laziness where someone does not work hard at their job or do their chores. It is talking about laziness with regards to taking control of one’s own life. In terms of ignorance, we are talking about ignoring anything outside of what one has been taught to believe. This is an important topic because, as Buddha once said, “The cause of all pain and suffering is ignorance”. With regards to a spiritual awakening, laziness and ignorance are interchangeable terms.

We enter this world and are given our beliefs by our parents, education systems, society, religious institutions, and media. Our beliefs create our reality, and so, effectively, our realities are completely controlled by outside sources. Now, of course, when we are children, we do not think to question what we are taught. But this is beneficial, as how can we experience the awakening journey if we are not first asleep? However, when we enter adulthood, it is our job to start questioning everything that we have been taught about our selves, about the world, and about reality. Unfortunately, many people do not ever question their beliefs or even ask themselves the most important questions in life, such as ‘Who am I?’. This is because the world is set up so that you are given incentives to be what the negative entities that control the world want you to be, and you are strongly discouraged from being your true self. You are also encouraged to keep your mind busy so that you never stop and question everything.

As a result, we develop an ego, a false self, that allows us to ‘fit in’ to the 3D world. We associate with our egos because we do not want to stand out from the rest by being our true selves. This is why people are very similar to each other in this world, living similar types of lives, having similar types of beliefs, having similar types of conversations, thinking similar types of thoughts. We are asleep, not questioning our lives, not questioning our thoughts, and being something that we are not. Essentially, we are robots that are controlled by those negative entities who have programmed our egos and know exactly how to manipulate us to enact their negative agendas.

Of course, if you said this to anyone who is still asleep, they would react angrily as they believe they are in full control of their lives. So clever is the deception they are under, that they actually believe they are in control and are completely awake. People may think that because they are well-educated, have a high status job with a big salary, have many friends and a family, and can regurgitate spiritual texts, that they are incredibly smart, not lazy, and in control. But these people are often the ones that are most controlled and asleep. They have never truly asked themselves ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What is the purpose of life?’ or ‘Is there more to life?’ or ‘Am I truly happy?’. They are just living the life they are programmed to live without ever questioning if this is the life they truly want.

It is only when one listens to the gentle inner nudges from their higher self that they start to awaken. Many people ignore and refuse to listen to these inner nudges, and so they are allowed to experience something incredibly distressing in order to wake them up. If someone is deeply asleep, you need to shake them violently in order to wake them up. This is what life will do to you if you do not listen to those inner nudges from your higher self. This is why many people only wake up when they experience a huge financial setback, or a serious illness, or a near death experience, or the loss of a loved one, or severe depression. These types of experiences often lead the experiencer to re-evaluate their life and ask themselves the important, deep and meaningful questions about life.

However, even when one does receive an obvious wake-up call, one’s laziness and ignorance may still keep them asleep. The spiritual awakening often involves several dark nights of the soul, where one gradually realises that everything they have been taught is a lie. It is often extremely distressing when one realises they have not been in control of their lives. It is scary to start a journey into the unknown. It is a lot easier to remain asleep, living a life that is easy, comfortable and known. I have even come across people who believe they are spiritually awake, but they never do the spiritual work required in order to discover inner love, peace, bliss and joy. They do not work on releasing their suppressed emotions, or on changing their negative beliefs into positive ones, or on forgiving themselves and others for the past, or on detaching from their ego’s thoughts, or on living more in the present, or on consciously manifesting the reality they want, or on balancing their chakras. They believe that just because they have researched conspiracy theories, or read spiritual books, or watched spiritual videos, that they are now awake. They often look for external sources that they believe will do all the spiritual work for them, such as crystals, or psychedelic drugs, or healers, or solar events. In all these cases, they are effectively hitting the snooze button because of their laziness.

A spiritual awakening only occurs when one questions EVERYTHING about life until they reach inner knowings from within them. As prophet Muhammad once said, “The cure for ignorance is to question”. This means dropping ALL old 3D beliefs and being open-minded and receptive to learn everything from scratch, but, this time, only searching for the answers by going within. Beliefs can change, but knowings are permanent truths that one experiences from within themselves. A spiritual awakening only occurs when one takes a step back from their programmed lives, asks themselves the deep questions, and searches for the answers until they find the ones that resonate. Of course, if one is in the mindset that they are already very knowledgeable and that they know everything they need to know about life, they cannot go through a spiritual awakening. One has to first admit that they don’t know ANYTHING if they truly want to start the spiritual awakening process. In a sense, one has to accept a total and complete rebirth — a true baptism. This is the only way to end all of one’s ignorance.

After one does this, one allows themselves to see the extent to which they have been living a lie. They realise that their ego is not who they truly are, and they go on a journey of remembering their true selves. During that journey, they will be guided to do the necessary spiritual work that will help them progress. The key to this is living completely from the heart — only doing what you are guided to do from within and not what you are told to do from outside sources. This does involve standing up to certain people and being the odd one out. It may involve quitting your job, or ending relationships, or distancing yourself from your parents who want you to live a certain way, or leaving a religion. You cannot be lazy if you want to start taking full control of your life. Laziness or ignorance is simply the result of forgetting one’s connection to the Divine. This makes one susceptible to following external guidance rather than their internal guidance. Once one realises their true divine eternal self, they become empowered to be and do what they truly want to be and do.

As more and more people spiritually awaken during this ascension journey that we are all embarking on together, we will see more and more people allowing themselves to be the unique expressions of the Divine that they were always supposed to be. As a result, we will see such incredible variety of weird and wonderful personalities, talents and aspirations. We will see people standing up to those forces and systems that controlled them in the past. We will see people no longer using the products and services of the companies that cause harm to humanity and the Earth. Instead of accepting that ‘this is just how the world works’, we will join together to create a new society based on love, peace and oneness. And we will see more people enjoying life because they will be consciously creating the reality that they want to experience. Instead of being told that one needs to ‘fit in’ to the world, one will be encouraged to be what they truly want to be, and the world will fit around them. The only thing that can stop someone participating in this global awakening is their own ignorance or laziness.

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