The 7 Best UK Festivals That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Andrew Vibez
5 min readMay 29


If you’re anything like me, you enjoy festivals that are different; festivals that have more going on than just music; festivals where you can enjoy yourself in many different ways. I used to go to mainstream festivals, but I felt there was something missing there. I knew I loved festivals, but I knew there had to be more to it than just standing in a big crowd in a muddy field watching some music acts and drinking alcohol, half of which will undoubtedly get spilled. There had to be better ways of enjoying life than this. To me, festivals are an opportunity for us all to come together and celebrate life, and many festivals just don’t quite hit the mark.

So with this in mind, below is a list of festivals that have, in my opinion, created the right environment for you to truly have a life-changing experience on many levels. You can easily go to all these festivals alone and have an amazing time. There are so many things you can do during the day at each of these festivals, all of which focus on helping you feel great. You’ll feel right at home at any of these festivals as they all have such a loving and accepting vibe, and the people that attend these festivals are so beautiful.

Medicine Festival

Dates: 17th — 21st August (2023)

Location: Reading, England

Prices: From £160 (for adults)

How it describes itself: Medicine is about interweaving communities and bridging cultures — wisdom keepers, indigenous communities visionaries, artists, and solutionaries of all traditions to inspire and ignite a deeper understanding of how we can tread lightly, and live harmoniously as we support each other in the creation of the world we want to see — an equitable and thriving world. Remember our birthright as a vital part of nature, living in sacred reciprocity- every breath — regenerating a world where all beings are honored in their sovereignty, loved in their difference, and seen as vital participants in this divine interplay of life. Our vision is a world where nature is cherished, peace is revered and difference is celebrated; where humankind has reclaimed the gifts of gratitude, and guardianship for all life.


Surrender Festival

Dates: 12th August (2023)

Location: Basingstoke, England

Prices: From £69

How it describes itself: Welcome to Surrender Festival! We are a community-driven spiritual festival focused on healing, sharing love, spiritual growth, laughter, movement, music, playfulness & celebration of life. This is not your normal festival where the main focus is on who is headlining. No, this whole festival has been designed with YOU specifically in mind. We want your inner child to come out and join us. Come and relax, heal, learn, play, sing, dance, and let yourself go! We can’t wait to invite you into our community so that you can connect with many other beautiful, like-minded souls, and for you to experience our unique way of celebrating life.


ALSO Festival

Dates: 14th — 16th July (2023)

Location: Warwickshire, England

Prices: From £145 (for an adult for the full weekend)

How it describes itself: Where ideas run wild.


All About Love

Dates: 2nd — 8th August

Location: Huntingdon, England

Prices: From £194 (Adult)

How it describes itself: Personal relationships and connectivity, service to others and loving kindness are what we stand for. Of course it’s good to party together, this is a very healing and helpful part of our lives, but we want more than ‘just’ that. Meaningful connections, deep friendships and co-creative vision really matter to us; this is what we are all about.


Shambala Festival

Dates: 24th — 27th August

Location: Northamptonshire, England

Prices: From £227 (Adult)

How it describes itself: What we can promise:

  • A musical line up that you won’t find elsewhere — and that perfectly compliments the vibe, atmosphere and rhythm of your weekend.
  • A complete and total lack of sponsorship, brand activations or corporate bollocks.
  • A thousand chances to participate, whether you’re after escapism, brain food or just tears-running-down-your-legs hilarity.
  • A four day adventure in utopia, where you can play, make lots of new friends and return to the world fuelled up on the beauty of being alive.


Lovejam Campout

Dates: 7th — 11th September

Location: Tunbridge Wells, England

Prices: From £133 (Adult)

How it describes itself: We are a nationwide, conscious, creative community facilitating accepting spaces for HEALING & authentic expression. Encouraging togetherness, minimising divisiveness & supporting collective harmony for people, society & planet. For over half a decade we have been bringing like minded humans together in the ceremony of celebration, to honour the gift of life & all forms of creative juiciness. Expect 4 days of celebration, self-expression, & rejuvenation. Built on foundations of acceptance, community, healing & of course, love.


Freezone Festival

Dates: 1st — 4th June (2023)

Location: Winbourne, England

Prices: From £95 (Adult). Kids go for free.

How it describes itself: The love, connection and community spirit experienced at last year’s awesome event has inspired us to do it all over again! This year’s offering will be a different event, more connected with nature, off grid and with even more of a focus on us coming together as one big lovely tribe for the 4 days. This year we will be offering our usual myriad of wonderful workshops led by our fantastic facilitators, a dedicated yoga space, top kids entertainment, live music, rave in the woods, holistic therapies and more all in a beautiful setting with beautiful people. We will be adding a green crafts space along with a better teen space programme.


I would recommend you go to at least one of these festivals this year, because once you go to one of them, I’m confident that you’ll want to go to all of them. These festivals are particularly great for those wanting a change in their life, and to be introduced to new activities, music, people and way of life. The best part is you can go to all of the festivals on this list as they are all on different dates. I myself will be going to all of them this year so hopefully I’ll see you all there so that you can celebrate life with me!